The internet has become an essential part of our lives, and we use various contents we find online on a daily basis. We store personal information, delicate information, on a pretty much exposed platform, which, using the right set of skills and tools, could be stolen from us and used by others to harm us.

Sadly, this isn’t a perfect world, and there are always people looking to side-step the law and order.

Well, we decided we want to protect the worldwide Internet community, so we developed a simple solution that will keep you safe and secure online – VPN Free. Just a click of a button will activate a whole security grid that was perfected to the point of flawless protection.

The “Free” in VPN Free stands not only for the technology being free of charge, but also for the way we believe the Internet should be used – freely!

Put VPN Free to the test, rest assured your information will become unreachable to all those who want to harm you!