Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable to the offered service and the tailored for iOS and Android devices, under the name of "VPN Free".

VPN Free software may transport data for diagnostic to a third party analytics. The goal is to find potential connection failures and bugs in our applications and prevent them from occurring in the future, to provide the best experience to our clients. Assembled info doesn’t contain individual identifying information.

VPN Free does not log any identifiable personal data of their customers. VPN Free may collect the times of linking to our servers and total amount of data transferred per day with the sole purpose of providing our awesome network experience to you!

Your web surfing is protected and kept safe. Once you disengage from VPN Free servers there is no assurance to be surfing privately and securely. All of the consequences are at your own risk! Please keep in mind that VPN Free does not guard your device from viruses or malware. In order to secure your devices, it is greatly recommended to use anti-virus solutions.

VPN Free clients recognize that this Privacy Policy is subject to changes made by VPN Free at any time and agree to be bound by any variations and modifications. You understand that it is your responsibility to periodically review this webpage in order to account for any changes made.